A re release from Jim Ed & Jules in 2009
The Leprechaun
1981. Jim Ed's fifth and most successfull ten track on vinyl titled "Theres A Shadow On My Shoulder".


"Rainbow and Roses", written by Max D Barnes was recorded and released on a compilation album on 'Image' record label in 1993.  This went on to reach number 15 in the Irish charts compiled by Image Promotions.


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1994.  While on the Irish Circuit in the UK he produced and released a 16 track album titled "The Closest Thing To My Heart" written by Charlie Landsborough.  A track from this album titled "The Leprechaun Song" was listed among the 30 most requested songs over 30 years on BBC 'Irish Eye'.




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1996.  "Lahran Cross" and "The Leprechaun Song" were on Q.E.D Classics with the "Tring International Label".



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2000.  "Millenium Year". A fifteen track album titled "The Waterford Lumberjack" was produced and released by Jim Ed.  Incidently, one track titled "Until You Have Walked In My Shoes", written by the late Theresa O Donnell recieved tremendous air play.



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2008.  "Different Feelings" is the title of Jim Ed Huston and Jules first album together (14 tracks).  It is recieving a lot of interest.  A good production with excellent live musicians and some great duets.

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