A super performance from the gentle music man. His vocal style relays an original hallmark that is only appropriate because Jim ‘Ed’ Huston is very much his own man (Music Profile by Lee Lynch).

His voice echoes with a certain smoothness that makes each song uniquely personal. (Allan Cackett, Journalist).

A name to keep an ear open in British circles: is Jim ‘Ed’ Huston. (David Allen, TV Broadcaster/Journalist).

The support act Jim ‘Ed’ Huston stole the show. (Irish World Newspaper).

His smooth voice handles ballads with considerable skill. (Country Music international Magazine).

We were rewarded with a quality show from Jim ‘Ed’ Huston who accompanied himself with a guitar which he played very well. Though his particular style is not my cup of tea, I do give him credit for a highly polished routine. (Barry Thisleton C.M.R).

I enjoyed his show greatly. It only left me with great admiration and the need of some more of the same as soon as possible. (Claudette Reeves – Dawson Canada).

Gentlemen Jim Ed delivers a larger then life performance with quick wit and gentle lyric delivery. Singing songs from Jim Reeves and a selection of all your favourites. He has received many deserving accolades from his peers and press. Reporting on the country scene, recommended by: First Choice Entertainments.

We enjoyed our first visit to Pontins festival in Southport which was made most memorable by the magnificent performance by Jim ‘Ed’ Huston did on two of my songs. He impressed everyone in the audience with the enormous flexibility of depth, warmth, feeling, range and tonality he has in his voice. We also remarked the he sustains a rare quality of being an extremely down to earth, sincere and caring person who works very hard at his profession and is immensely popular. (marydesmondmusic.com)

Jim Ed's voice can only be described as 'rich dark brown velvet'.  On listening if I hadn't known I would have sworn it was Johnny Cash.  He also has shades of Jim Reeves about his voice.  Easy to the ear and a pleasure to listen to. thenewsround@aol.com

We were treated to a great evenings entertainment with a lovely couple from Ireland called 'Jim Ed & Jules'.  Some songs I had not heard before: Mike Newbury CMC

 He reads his audience well and provided them with excellent music to keep them all on the floor, people here at Southport love to dance and Jim Ed Huston will ensure that you have the music to do just that. (Bill Delaney, Festival Organiser)